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Because proper litigation proceedings require an expert approach, our litigation department has expertise in all aspects of High Court and Magistrate’s Court Litigation. 

Our expertise range from large commercial matters to small debt recoveries. We also assist with the drafting of contracts, advice on implementation and termination of contracts and render general legal advice and services on commercial and property matters. 


At VHI Attorneys our approach to litigation is governed by our recognition of the fact that clients - whether plaintiff or defendant - do not enter into litigation by choice, but as final resort to enforce or protect their rights. 

We understand that lengthy, expensive litigation can often be avoided by the identification of appropriate alternatives. However, should we believe that litigation is necessary, we shall act vigorously to ensure the best possible approach for our client that results in a favourable outcome.

The Litigation Department of VHI Attorneys serves all aspects of law however specializes in the following areas: 

•    National Credit Act (NCA);

•    Banking Law;

•    Debt recovery;

•    Insolvency Law (including Business Rescue Applications);

•    General High Court and Magistrates Court litigation;

•    Commercial Related Disputes.



Our Asset-Based Finance (ABF) Department is the most established in the firm. 

We have 18 years of experience in ABF and as a result, VHI Attorneys has constantly been one of the top performing firms on Nedbank’s ABF panel.


We furthermore render our services for the Motor Finance Corporation (MFC) which is now a division of Nedbank Limited.

VHI Attorneys’ ABF Department prides itself on its excellent turnaround time in obtaining interim attachment orders, judgments for cancellation and the return of assets. 



We have a fully operational department specializing in foreclosure of Home loans and Commercial Mortgage Bonds.


The success of our Foreclosure Department is based on our employee’s abilities to follow the correct procedure diligently, effectively and in good time - all whilst simultaneously giving our respective clients feedback and updates on all matters through their chosen form of communication.


Some of our major clients include Nedbank Retail, Nedbank RRB and Business Banking Divisions.



Undoubtedly, the National Credit Act has a major influence on debt and asset recovery in South-Africa. That is why it is necessary to be equipped with attorneys that are specialists 
in the field. We aim to enhance and improve your recovery and re-structuring processes throughout the country.


We have made it our mission to analyse new legislative measures and assist our corporate clients with the necessary information to help them function as efficiently as possible within a consumer protected credit market. We strive to oppose Debt Review skilfully (including reckless credit matters) in accordance with the specific needs of our clients.


Our Debt Review Department is developed in such a way that we are in a position to handle parallel proceedings with our Asset Based Finance Department, which leads to expeditious settlement and/or asset recovery - depending on the circumstances and requirements of our client. We have initiated copious rescission and variation applications that have proven to be successful.


Our motto is based on professional and quality services, which - in turn - will generate the required results. It is therefore our objective to ensure that we continuously adapt and develop a system that is not only performance based, but also remains cost effective in order to enable our clients to reach their recovery targets whilst upholding their reputation within the market.


We are all aware of the amendments to the National Credit Act, and we have successfully generated case law concerning the debt review processes which assists our corporate clients when dealing with the Debt Counselling fraternity. We offer the necessary expertise to absorb any forthcoming challenges.



This department specializes in the collection of debt relating to: 

•    Credit cards;

•    Cheque accounts;

•    Personal loans;

•    General small and large debt book collections.

Our Collection Department’s success is based upon the way our team of professionals handle large volumes of work accurately and promptly, whilst generating feedback to clients on a regular basis.


We have a specialized and sophisticated Conveyancing Department. 

It is here that we deal with all aspects of transfers, bond registrations, property development, sectional titles, township development and the like. The team is dedicated to providing an excellent turnaround time for all matters that are assigned to them.


To achieve this, they utilise the expertise of qualified conveyancing assistants. We use the best software facilities which notifies our clients immediately when an instruction is received with regular and complete updates.


As a result, our clients are kept up-to-date on the status of their transactions at all times.





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